About Us

Welcome to the American Welding Society’s newest site: Welding Source. We’re your first-stop-in-the-morning, must-serve-with-coffee, daily source for the pulse of the industries that welding serves.

The American Welding Society dedicates itself to advancing the science, technology, and application of welding and allied joining and cutting processes worldwide. That’s our mission and it’s why we exist.

Because of this we realized there was a need to provide welders and other like-minded individuals in similar industries with a place to gather for news, career development and in-shop tips, special interest stories, and more. More than anything, we want you to come back each day for more, because that means we’re providing something of value.

We want you to let us know if we’re hitting the pulse of the industry, or if we’re off our mark. We want you to let us know what kind of content you want to see, and what kind of content you don’t want to see. Basically, we want to know how to make the Welding Source a place that serves those in the industry.

Just send us a message with the user-friendly chat icon and we’ll get back to you. You can also email us at info@weldingsource.org. The more feedback we receive, the more we can grow and the better we can serve you.

We look forward to being your daily Welding Source.