Product Spotlight

ALM Positioners FABTECH Booth B15049

Don’t miss seeing ALM’s new Short Stroke – low capacity fixed headstock/tailstock welding and assembly positioner. It’s designed for applications that don’t require high clearance and heavy lifting. It offers you all the safety and ergonomic advantages of ALM Intelligent Positioning.
ALM will demonstrate how they use their 3,500 pound 3-axis skyhook positioner in conjunction with Panasonic’s TL-3300 robotic arm to fabricate their own ALM Positioner columns.
Learn how Miller Centerpoint™ Arc Data Monitoring Software for advanced, real-time operator feedback can prevent missed welds, enforce proper weld sequences and ensure consistent weld quality when combined with our 15,000 pound fixed headstock and mobile tailstock positioner.

As always, the foundation of all ALM equipment is improving your productivity and product quality while reducing employee risk and fatigue.
See us at FabTech 2017 – Booth B15049.
ALM Positioners eliminate dangerous, old-fashion belts, chain transfer and screw systems and allow the operator to raise and position his weldments or assemblies to a convenient height and working position.  ALM Positioners can be custom designed to meet your specific requirements and provide improved weld quality; simplified tool access; consistent repeatable assembly procedures; higher productivity and reduced consumables; proper ergonomics with reduced operator fatigue and injury risk; and higher throughput and profits.    
ALM Positioners is a successful manufacturer of unique headstock/tailstock positioner lifts.   Manufactured in Rock Island, Illinois, in a state of the art manufacturing facility, ALM’s unique positioner designs have proven to be a more cost effective equipment investment that Improves safety  for welder and operator and improved weld quality while boosting production throughput as much as 35%.

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