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FEIN Presents: JMC USA 90, the new compact magnetic base drill

The JMC USA 90 is the latest, and most versatile compact magnetic based drill being added to the Slugger by FEIN line metal working tools and accessories.

Pittsburgh, September 2017. The NEW Slugger by FEIN JMC USA 90 compact magnetic base drill establishes new benchmarks in size, power, weight and versatility. Its low profile design and high-powered motor make this the ideal drill for use (up to 1 3/8” inches) in the tightest spaces. The JMC USA 90 magnetic base drill is the newest addition to the high-quality and reliable line of Slugger by FEIN magnetic based drills and cutters.

Customers using the JMC USA 90 will enjoy a robust drilling experience from this compact and versatile magnetic base drill. The high-powered, 1,100 watt motor offers high-speed stability, along with forward/reverse rotation. Thoughtfully designed with ergonomics and space-saving in mind, the JMC USA 90 allows a 3/8” inch ratchet to be fitted on either side of the drill all while maintaining a low weight for ease of handling in constricted situations such as working on vehicle frames or narrow metal beams.

The magnetic base drill comes in a plastic carrying case, with 1 coolant hand pump, 1 centering pin (3 1/8“), 1 touch guard, 1 safety strap, 1 swarf hook, 1 side handle and 1 ratchet handle. Easy to understand rear mounted controls make the Slugger by FEIN USA 90 an extremely user-friendly experience.

The JMC USA 90 Compact Magnetic Base Drills are currently available and are shipping immediately.

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