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Ultrasonic Vibration­ Assisted Keyholing Plasma Arc Welding

Content Provided by: Welding Journal, An American Welding Society Publication (AUGUST 2017)

Abstract:  A process variant of plasma arc welding (PAW), i.e., ultrasonic vibration ­assisted keyholing PAW process, was developed. The tungsten electrode connected with a specially designed ultrasonic transducer directly transmitted ultrasonic vibration into the plasma arc. The welding tests on stainless steel plates demonstrated that under the same conditions ultrasonic vibration can effectively improve the keyholing capability of the plasma arc so that an open keyhole can be produced with lower welding current and higher welding speed. The measurement results showed that the interaction of ultrasonic vibration with the plasma arc resulted in a further constriction of the arc column and a 15–31% increase in the plasma arc pressure under the conditions used in this study.

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